Drooling at the Apple Store

Landed up at the Westfield Valley Fair shopping area in Stevens Creek Buolevard in San Jose today and chanced upon the Apple store their touched and felt and heard the new 30 / 60 gig Video Ipod, man this one does look very sleek and cool and for the first time in my life actually used the Apple Macs.

These are real Hotties, Apple is way way ahead of Microsoft when it comes to Coolness and usability of the Operating system. Am totally impressed.

Thinking about the Ipod, its kind of dumb that Apple doesnt produce the non-Video Ipods anymore, sorta like thrusting this new down my throat. All I want it a simple MP3 player which can hold about 40 gigs of songs, I dont need any Video playing ability, but no Ö I cant get that :-( which I though was pretty lame.

Am still considering the 30 gig Video Ipod very actively and yet the thing that holds me back is that in Rupee terms this does add up to quite a lot and I wonder whether I would use it all that much. I would probably need to buy a set of compatible speakers for it so that I can use it as a music player for home, which then again means more spending.

Smart blokes these Apple guys are, they have invented by sheer genius of a thought an entire industry that sells hardware for one time money and then makes recurring revenues on songs thru Itunes and then there is an entire ancillary industry built around the Ipod in the form of accessories and now they invent newer things to sell to their users in the form of Music videos and TV shows etc.

wow ! cool deal. This should be making it to Marketing case studies in B-Schools very soon !!!

Heading to LA ?

I have the Thanksgiving weekend available for myself to tour around the United States, after considering places like Grand Canyon, Yosemite and Las Vegas I think Iíll probably do Los Angeles. The place is not too far from San Jose and I should get some reasonable deals on the flights to there.

I am expecting a couple of other friends to join to me there so should be a good time rockiní around Hollywood and other places in LA.

Any suggestions on places to see other and stuff like Airlines and Hotels is most welcome.