Quick thoughts on Chennai

Normally, when you get back to a city that you have spent some time in, after a few years, the most common reaction is as to how the roads and infrastructure has gone worse, on how the traffic sucks etc etc …

Now that I am in Chennai after a good 18 months, I find myseld being surprised that these are not my reactions. I am indeed pleasantly surprised at the state of traffic very importantly being managed by many traffic lights with timers at all critical junctions where there is a potential of a jam. This certainly was not the case 2 years ago and is not the case in many cities in India.

While traffic woes aided by 2 wheelers & buses continue, the streamlining that the signals being does mitigate the pain to some extent.

To add to this is the fact that Chennai is a far far clearner city than Mumbai and it is indeed quite a pleasure to see the difference between Mumbai & Chennai on this front.

Canon EOS 400D?

So, this has taken much longer that I expected. The announcement of the next Canon DSLR model as a reply to Nikon’s launch of the 10 megapixel D80

As the site says, these are still rumours, but, I guess it is now about time that Canon launched a new DSLR in this range. And again, rather rightly so, one wonders as to what happens to the Canon EOS 30D if this new one launches. The Canon EOS 350D / Rebel XT is mean machine (though a bit small & light to handle) and would meet the needs of any advanced amateur. What is required is a pro-quality body of the sort that 30D has. So, this is all getting very muddy indeed !

From Gizmodo, here’s the feature set :

10.1 effective Megapixels

APS-C size 22.2 x 14.8 mm CMOS image sensor

Focal length of 1.6x

Dust removal system

3 frames per second – maximum of 27 JPEG or 10 RAW

9-point auto focus system

2.5-inc LCD monitor

Let’s see what works for me …

10 Megapixels … well, not so kicked

Dust removal system … mmmm, lets see …

3 fps … I dont shot Sports

9 point AF … looks good

2.4 inch LCD … pretty good

So, in pure photography terms, there isn’t much for me in the supposed feature set of 400D. Also, there is no mention of the body.