My thoughts on the US of A

Well, soon it would be 2 weeks that I have been in the US of A and this probably is a mighty good time to pen my thoughts and opinions on what I think of this place and the people here.

The first thing that comes to my mind is the fact that the Public Transport system here is pathetic ! Sure, you have millions of cars on the road, but heh … not everyone has a Car and what out the innocent tourist like me who is here for a short while and hasn’t gathered enough guts to drive on these roads ! Screwed, that’s what we are … the Train system sucks and the Buses even worse. Left at the mercy of friends to give you a ride or to hire a bloody expensive Cab … man, Life without a Car here is tough.

And then there is this American penchant of being different, Drive on the Right side of the road (which is the wrong side when compared to the Commonwealth nations), Power switches upside down, Calculating distances in Miles, Temprarture in Farenheit and Weight in Pounds ! Excuse me folks … ever heard of the SI system ?

Why do these folks have to be different ? I quite dont get the point !

And then you have the accent … who on earth would want to pronounce VIA as “veeya” and not “Wya” the way it is done in the Queen’s english ? And what do these folks have againt the letter U ? color, favor etc etc … poor U ! Maybe in American english they only have 4 vowels.

and on & on … a World series comprising of teams from various cities …. huh ! Football where you hardly ever kick the ball …

Man … these guys are real funny !

Munnabhai’s Gandhigiri

I finally managed to catch the supposed ‘must watch’ movie of the season ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai‘, a much-waited sequel to the popular movie ‘Munnabhai MBBS‘. I had been primed quite lot by my wife, who saw the movie last weekend, she raved about the movie, its humour as well as the message, the tounge in cheek comedy of Circuit and so on. A few others that I met state that they would not mind watching it a few times.

Such hype / popular liking, in recent time is quite rare for a movie. I had seen the first version in bits and pieces and all said and done, I did like it for its own queer style, Sanjay Dutt’s ability to play a comic role despite his body language telling us otherwise and ofcourse the stellar performance of Arshad Warsi as Circuit.

So, Lage Raho Munnabhai is a cool movie, that attempts to tell today’s generation of what Mahatma Gandhi was all about and how his principles change Munna’bhai’ style from Dadagiri to Gandhigiri. The storyboard looks good, bits & pieces are a bit painful (in the attempt to be melodramatic). Thought Sanjay Dutt still does not look very comfortable in a comedy role, he does manage to sail along thanks to the efforts of the likes of Circuit and the others in the movie.

Divya Balan (as Jhanvi) is a big let down. I thought she had talent (besides a beautiful face), but then, she has to realise that she can pull of a performance just by throwing a sweet smile every not & then. Boman Irani is good, but was much better in the previous movie. And as for the rest, they just pass muster, but for Circuit. This chap literally owned the first half (despite the 2 main protagonists). Unfortunate that Vidhu Vinod Chopra did not give Arshad Warsi the kind of exposure that he should have got in the 2nd half of the movie. His sense of timing, body language, spoken bombaiyya language, style etc etc rock ! This guy will go a long long way in Bollywood !

Net net, the movie is perhaps having an impact on people, certainly in ensuring the people adopt the Munna / Curcuit style (just before the watching flick we were having a bite at McDonald’s and I overheard to the cleaning boys there do a Munna / Circuit style cocnversation). One only hopes, that the impact is deeper and some of the finer meaning of the movie is understood and realised by the masses.

Finally, a good flick, lets people know that Oct 2nd is more than a dry day, got me to understand the meaning of ‘Vinamritha’ and has got people pondering about Gandhigiri. Kudos to the team.