Web 2.0 Apps I Couldn't Live Without

Drawing inspiration from this Techcrunch posting on the Web 2.0 darlings that we all have so got used to living with, here is my list:

Bloglines : The original RSS/XML News/Feed reader. Many may not like it’s oh-so Web 1.0ish look and feel but one thing is for sure, this is meant to be a Feed Reader and it does this job absolutely well. It may lack things like tagging and so on, but hey, this is supposed to be Web 2.0 right … thing will evolve (I hope they are listening).

Having seen and used the other alternatives such as Kinja and Rojo, I still went back to good ‘ol Bloglines. And, it also has a sexy little Mobile feed reader to boot.

GMail : The one that perhaps started it all … AJAX goodness, perpetual Beta, Invite only, Keyboard shortcuts, Labels (aka Tagging). Webmail has never been the same again after GMail.

People may have gripes about it, but for me … this is my primary email service. Period !

del.icio.us : Bookmarking and discovering has never been the same after I came across del.icio.us, just about an year ago. Goes to show what a single person can do with an idea. Hope the Yahoo! acquisition only makes this better.

Flickr : IMHO the one that started the Tagging revolution. How simple, how cool and how so very Revolutionising. Photography is my passion and I trust Flickr to let the world see my work.

Firefox : There may be some who wonder why this is in a Web 2.0 list … but lets face it … would all this be possible without the superlative experience that Firefox gives. Yuck ! cant think of using these amazing apps on IE.

Skype : Living a land where International calling is still a tab too expensive, Skype is the answer to most of my non-email communication needs. And the fact that it is now an eBay property only makes it better for me.

VoIP is cool … Skype makes it cooler.

Dont know about the world, but I sure will continue to spend quite a lot of money on SkypeOut.